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Inspiration Massage

Inspiration Massage Logo by Mtn. Dog Media“Thank you Kayleen for a very professional and creative experience in logo design. I am already singing your praises to a few friends I know starting new businesses. I’ll be sure to contact you if ever I need assistance with marketing such as business cards. You have definitely been an integral part of helping me re-brand my massage therapy practice and I appreciate your efforts.” -Marjorie Johnson, Logo Design

Mayfield Plumbing

Mayfield Plumbing website by Mtn. Dog Media"Hats off to Kayleen and the Mtn. Dog Media team!! One of the fundamental building blocks starting Mayfield Plumbing was a good website. I had a deadline I had to meet and knew nothing about what it would take. Kayleen's positive, friendly, knowledgeable and outgoing attitude towards the whole project made it seem easy and enjoyable. Thank you!" -Sean Mayfield,

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Ozo Coffee

Ozo Coffee engaged with Mtn. Dog Media 6 months ago for our social media management.  Our visibility has grown with their insight and activity.  Not only are they amazing at what they do, but they are an absolute treasure to work with.  Recommendations without reservations!  A truly happy client!”

—Maria Sibley,

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Erika Elizabeth

Erika Elizabeth Nutrition website by Mtn. Dog Media"As someone who knows little to nothing about building a website, it was time for me to outsource, and hire someone to update my basic blog into something more professional.  For me, my website and blog is like my baby.  It’s my career, my passion, and my story, all in one.  To have just anyone build my website wasn’t an option.  As a nutritionist and blogger, there are tons of us out there.  I needed something that embodied some of things I had seen and loved about other websites, while still setting my brand and myself apart.  I am not the best at communicating my vision, however Kayleen and Amy captured everything I could have wanted, and more.  In addition to creating a beautiful site that I am proud to call my own, they were with me every step of the way, offering lots of support and direction.  I recommend that anyone looking to take there business to the next level consider going through Mtn. Dog Media."  –Erika,

Mainstreaming Sustainability

Mainstreaming Sustainability“I had high expectations for Mtn Dog Media because they had successfully developed websites for my two daughters to rave reviews. They lived up to my hopes and more, with terrific vision and execution from day 1. They first took on a tough project of “Kindelizing” my Harvard class textbook, Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability. It was no easy task with many figures and tables, but we got it done quickly and efficiently. Then I decided my tired old website needed a facelift if I was going to promote my book, so off we went on project #2. Awesome job, ladies! The guidance they provided helped me to choose the right formats  & fonts and make my website something to be proud of. And the work was completed in half the time they projected. Now, on to saving the world!” -Suzanne Farver, Mainstreaming

Rejas Designs

Rejas Designs website by Mtn. Dog Media"Mtn. Dog Media offers professionalism, expertise and so much more. When it came to producing my website, they treated my success as if it were theirs. They thoroughly researched my competitors and markets until they understood my business as well as I did. They actively partnered with me and tailored my site to my aesthetics and business needs. Their creative services went above and beyond the cookie-cutter website mills." -Ray Tuomey,

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Elevation Rowing

I’ve wanted to start my own rowing seminar business for over a year, Elevation Rowing, and I kept delaying because I needed to figure out how to build a website that would represent the fact that I am actually quite an interesting and professional human being. Finally, after over a year of dragging my feet I sought out help from Mtn. Dog Media.

I can’t begin to say how much I loved working with these two wonderful ladies. They had a beautifully articulated web spidey-sense and managed to know exactly what I wanted. If there was ever something that I wanted tweaking, they did it immediately and masterfully. They were exactly the team I needed to hold me accountable to actually get my business off the ground.

I am a proud momma when I look at my website. It blows me away every time I click the homepage because it is just so perfectly me. Mtn. Dog Media is the absolute best!”

—Maddie Berky, Elevation

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Louisa B Designs

Louisa B Designs website by Mtn. Dog Media“THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the work you have put into the site so far! I really love it!!! It is easy to use/navigate and the design is simple and elegant! I can't express enough how excited I am about the website!” -Louisa Berky,

Peak Pro Painting

Peak Pro Painting website by Mtn. Dog Media“Mtn. Dog Media has been amazing for our business! We decided to use their services because we were so tired of other web developers trying to sell us stuff we didn’t need for our website and SEO/PPC campaign. They are extremely knowledgeable on web design and how to make our company more visible to internet users. We have seen an increase in web traffic and incoming leads and receive compliments almost daily on our website. We could not be more happy with Mtn Dog Media and will continue to utilize their help well into the future!” -Grant Tallmadge, 

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