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The Difference Between Social Media Icons and Social Sharing Buttons

A few Mtn. Dog Media clients have recently asked about the difference between the various social media buttons on their website. If you aren’t routinely active on social media, or sharing content from other people’s blogs, the function of these buttons isn’t going to as intuitive as it may be for my tweenaged little sisters. […]

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Boulder Valley Nutrition Logo & Branding Project

Lindsey Oliver, of Boulder Valley Nutrition, came to Mtn. Dog Media in spring of 2015 looking to develop her brand and website. Boulder Valley Nutrition, Lindsey’s nutrition consulting business, is already penetrating Front Range kitchens with actionable programs and information. Mtn. Dog Media was excited to have the opportunity to graphically develop the Boulder Valley […]

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Mtn. Dog Media design featured in eBook

We love WordPress, and we also love having complete creative control over our websites and designs, which is why we LOVE Canvas and the myriad of amazing extensions from Pootle Press. What do these amazing tools provide? The ability to start with a totally blank slate WordPress theme and make a 100% custom design. This […]

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Best Practices for Client Communication

Like many of my peers, I work a hum drum customer service job to supplement my up-and-coming career. It’s no strange story. My last round of coffee shop applications came with a thorough dose of the blues, but I’ve come to appreciate everything that the food service industry has taught me about engaging with my […]

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