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Mtn. Dog Media Search Engine Optimization lecture at CU Boulder

SEO Lecture at CU Boulder

  It was such an honor speaking to Professor Warren’s Writing for Business class at CU Boulder on Wednesday Feb. 15, 2017. It was our goal to show students in the professional writing program how they can leverage their writing skills in the business community with search engine optimization. This lecture contains tips for obtaining a foundational […]

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4 Free Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Revenue

As small business owners we’re always looking for ways to reach new customers and increase revenue. The ever-expanding world of digital marketing provides us with an overwhelming amount of opportunities to accomplish this goal. The contents of this post were originally compiled as a presentation for the small business owners in the Louisville Business Network. The feedback was […]

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How to make quality website content

How to Create Quality Website Content

Quality website content is becoming an increasingly important factor in a website’s success. Gone are the days of stuffing your website copy with desired keywords. Google has changed their search engine algorithms to cater towards businesses creating valuable, high quality written content for their users. How can you craft your online content to increase on-site engagement […]

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Drupal Basics (for WordPress Nerds)

Drupal 101

Drupal 101Drupal is Favored by Developers Not Designers As we continue to grow and gain new clients we are always eager to learn about other Content Management Services available, such as Drupal so that we can offer a wider variety of services to our future clients! What is Drupal? Drupal is a set of computer […]

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The Difference Between Social Media Icons and Social Sharing Buttons

A few Mtn. Dog Media clients have recently asked about the difference between the various social media buttons on their website. If you aren’t routinely active on social media, or sharing content from other people’s blogs, the function of these buttons isn’t going to as intuitive as it may be for my tweenaged little sisters. […]

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So you’re not too sure what Search Engine Optimization means… You’re a small business owner and you know your website is important. You’ve heard the term tossed around, but you’re not too sure how it directly pertains to you. Allow us to explain. Search engine optimization refers to editing a website’s content and code to […]

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