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Mtn. Dog Media’s Five Favorite Logos

Logo design is one of my favorite aspects of being a graphic designer! They are so intensely personal to their owners, yet universally appealing. Logos are simple, powerful icons that allow us to recognize brands and businesses that we cherish (and one’s we avoid). As the lead graphic designer at Mtn. Dog Media, my logo design process […]

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Boulder Valley Nutrition Logo & Branding Project

Lindsey Oliver, of Boulder Valley Nutrition, came to Mtn. Dog Media in spring of 2015 looking to develop her brand and website. Boulder Valley Nutrition, Lindsey’s nutrition consulting business, is already penetrating Front Range kitchens with actionable programs and information. Mtn. Dog Media was excited to have the opportunity to graphically develop the Boulder Valley […]

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How to Make a Website Content Outline

Making a content outline for your upcoming website is an essential step in the organization and development of your project. Your website content outline will help us understand the structure of your site and the importance of your content. We will also identify special elements of functionality and start thinking about images and graphics while developing […]

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