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About Mtn. Dog Media

Boulder, CO Startup to Passionate Agency

For founder Kayleen Cohen Mtn. Dog Media was the manifestation of her young dreams. Kayleen moved to Colorado fresh out of Journalism school eager to live the dream. When fate landed her back behind the counter at a local coffee shop Kayleen decided that she would do whatever it took to share her design and marketing skills with the Boulder business community.
She began doing SEO and WordPress projects for a handful of the coffee shop patrons. One project turned into another and Mtn. Dog Media was born! (Read more about our start up days on!)

We're passionate about helping other entrepreneurs realize their goals; providing brand development services, logo design, and facilitating the launch of more than a dozen startup sites.

We've have the pleasure of working with breweries, holistic health practitioners, dentists, athletes, bloggers and everything in between. Client satisfaction is our number one priority at Mtn. Dog Media. Our clients have the unique opportunity to work alongside our creative professionals to bring their projects to fruition. Read what a few clients have said about their experience with Mtn. Dog Media.

Kayleen Cohen

Kayleen Cohen

Founder, Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi! I'm Kayleen. If you've already scheduled your free consultation, you'll probably be seeing this crooked smile soon. Mtn. Dog Media has been my absolute passion since it's inception in spring of 2013. I thrive on the relationships I'm able to build with our amazing clients and take pride in upholding high expectations. I see each new project as an exciting challenge! As our pack leader here at Mtn. Dog Media I aim to promote a invigorating work environment focused around progress and growth.

When I'm not working from my puppy-infested home office, I'm out with the dogs, or rustling up some delicious local grub with my sweetheart. I was born and raised in Indiana and graduated from Indiana University where I studied English, Journalism, Graphic Design, Studio Art, and Music. Throughout college I maintained full time writer, designer, and editor positions with various student media publications. If you want to learn some more about me, check out my complete portfolio and blog,