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How to Create Quality Website Content


Quality website content is becoming an increasingly important factor in a website's success. Gone are the days of stuffing your website copy with desired keywords. Google has changed their search engine algorithms to cater towards businesses creating valuable, high quality written content for their users. How can you craft your online content to increase on-site engagement and organic search engine rankings? Below are our tips for creating better website content.



Techniques to Create Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

  • Create a crossroads USP
    • Take two unrelated ideas and find a way to bring them together.
    • Example: Business Blogging for Veterinarians, Tiny Squirrel Tactics for Short Stories
  • Create a metaphor USP
    • Find a metaphor to sum up the point you are trying to make.
    • Example: Duct Tape Marketing - Tells you the approach is practical and effective but not very fancy.
  • Create a Persona USP
    • Be the voice of your content, this needs to be consistent and obvious to be effective.
    • Example: Martha Stewart


Tips For Beginners to Improve Writing Techniques

  • Title -  Try to capture attention, address a problem and be slightly entertaining
  • Call to actions - Be clear and simple, remind your audience why they want to buy your product
  • Content - Start writing about something that interests and engages you
  • Compelling Copy - Stress benefits not features
    • Steps to Create a List of Benefits:
      • Make a list of every feature or product you offer
      • Write why you included each feature or product
      • Take the whys and write down how they connect with your potential audience
      • Write down what is in it for a prospect at an emotional level
  • Sell Copy - Sell with benefits and support with features
    • Create an emotional desire
    • Support with logical explanation that explains your features
    • Further support with hard data
  • Connect with Customers - ask these questions to create a deep connection with your current and future customers:
    • What can you offer your audience that they want?
    • Who does your offering allow you audience to be?
    • Are you offering something people are willing to identify with?
    • What are your beliefs and do they resonate with your audience’s beliefs
      • Beliefs must be proven through actions

How to Make Content Marketing Effective?

It starts with having a set of business goals as these will guide your marketing efforts. Everything you do from blog posts, email marketing, podcasts to advertising must fit into the larger picture of you ultimate goals. Once you have this you can begin to build trust with your audience by posting relevant and valuable content that is compelling enough to drive shares and new prospects. Another key is to have strategic content that has specific solutions to problems, frustrations or pains for users. Understanding the objections to your service will help you create the needed solutions. Stories are still one of the best ways to engage users. Lastly don’t be afraid to use content as a way to innovate since it is a low risk way to try your ideas. The best thing is valuable content is the easiest way to improve your SEO as users and google will reward you.