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7 Quick and Easy Tips to Master Constant Contact

7 Quick and Easy Tips to Master Constant Contact

What is it?

Constant Contact is an online marketing company that offers email marketing services. They offer customizable templates for email ad campaigns. We, at Mtn Dog Media want to be able to fully offer all of their services to our customers so keeping up on all the services and new offers is important to us.

1. Manage My settings

Once you create an account the first step in setting it up is to go to my settings where you can set-up information about your company, such as your organization's name, website, address and logo. You can also customize the footer settings so this appears the same on all emails. This will save you time because this information will be used to pre fill block types in all the campaigns you create. You also set-up your Signature here, which will be used in future emails as well.

This is where you have the option to turn your welcome email on or off. The welcome email is the first immediate email sent to your customers. It is meant to introduce them to who you are and what you are offering them but in some cases you may want to start with a different email which will be sent 1 day after a user signs up and this will be discussed later.

For more insight into your customer's habits you can check the advanced box under Contact Settings. This gives you records indicating if your contacts have given you permission to email them and at what level of permission, implicit or explicit.

Under email features you can set-up Paypal or amazon for payments, which can then be inserted into emails. This allows you to boost sales and donations right from your newsletter by adding a PayPal button. You just need your Paypal email address and the url you want people to go to. Once this is set-up under my settings go to Email to add your button. Click on the block you want to add the button to and click on Paypal on the left side of the screen and fill out the information about the product and the button will be saved to your block.

2. Add Contacts to Your Account

There are three easy way to add contacts to your account. Go to Contacts, add contacts, and choose from the dropdown the way you would like to proceed. The most efficient way is if you have a list of contacts already in a spreadsheet, you can upload the whole sheet all at once. In order to do this you need to make sure you fields in your spreadsheet match the fields in constant contact, which are first name, last name, and email then click upload file. The second way to add contacts is to choose add multiple contacts where you can enter the required information for as many contacts as you need to. The third way is if you need to just add one contact you can select add one person. For all three of these options make sure you have permission to send these contacts email , there is a check box to click if you do have permission. The next step is to add these contacts to list or create new list.


3. List management

Go to contact where you can add, delete, rename or favorite lists. Click on down arrow by list to rename or delete a list. Click add button to add new list. Click on email lists to see how many contacts are in each and if you click the star it makes this list a favorite and it will be at the top for easier access when you assign a list to an email or sign-up form.


4. Create and Send Email

There are 4 steps to creating and sending your customized email: choose a template, customize the template you have chosen, send to a list of contacts and see how it does in the reports section. Once you pick the template you want to start with you can add, delete or move blocks within the template, pick colors, fonts and add your content text, images or videos. When you are finished customizing and the email is ready click on the continue button and either add list of contacts or select the list you want to send it to if you have already added the list. Schedule the desired time for the email to be send and then later you can look at the results by clicking on the campaign button.


5. Use a Campaign Design Template

Under the Email tab you will see different templates, make sure you keep a master template and copy when you want to create new emails. Currently it is advised to use 3 images and 20 lines of text content for the best result of people opening and reading your email. It is easy to copy, edit and delete blocks within you email and you can add images or videos to emails at anytime. Once you are finished editing an email always, preview it and send a test to yourself before scheduling it to your desired lists.

6. Create a New Sign-up Form

Step 1: Create a list of contacts you want to associate with the signup form. Go to contacts Scroll down to the "Email Lists" section in the left-hand menu. Click the plus + icon by "Email Lists". If you already have the list created skip step 1 and proceed to step 2.

Step 2:  Create the signup form by going to Signup Tools and click on an existing form to edit it or click the create new form button. Name your form, add the title and description, logo, colors and assign it to the email list you created or the existing email list you want to use (choose from dropdown).

Step 3: Go to Email > Autoresponder. Create a new series for this new sign up form or you can edit an existing series if you no longer want to use that series.


Step 4: Create the email, the easiest way to do this is to copy from old one and make the necessary changes. You can add a link and pdf here.

Step 5: Schedule when email should be sent out. You can choose from  days to weeks but the soonest you can schedule and email is 1 day after someone signs up.

Step 6: Decide if you want to turn the welcome email off since it will be the first email that is sent out from your series. It is defaulted this way. As mentioned earlier you can change and customize welcome email whenever you want.

Step 7: Add additional emails by repeating steps 2 through 6.

7. Grow Your List

There are additional features under Contacts > Signup Tools > More Tools that can be used to help you grow your lists by reaching out to potential customers in a variety of ways. One way to do this is to create a Facebook sign up form, which will appear on your Facebook page. This is an easy way to get fans of your Facebook page added to your mailing lists. To use this feature click on Facebook Signup Form and click add app. Choose your Facebook page from the dropdown and login to your Facebook account to give constant contact permission to add the app to your page.  Now when someone clicks on Join Mailing List they will see the form which you can customize like you did with the signup form earlier.


Another option is to create a text to sign up form. To use this click on Text to sign up and Click the "Enable Text-To-Join" check-box. Create a keyword like the name of your company and edit the request message which customers will see. Select contact list and you are done.

Additional resources can be found under apps marketplace for even more ways to grow your list.