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The Difference Between Social Media Icons and Social Sharing Buttons

A few Mtn. Dog Media clients have recently asked about the difference between the various social media buttons on their website. If you aren’t routinely active on social media, or sharing content from other people’s blogs, the function of these buttons isn’t going to as intuitive as it may be for my tweenaged little sisters. Let’s lay that confusion to rest for once and for all and take a close look at the difference between social media icons and social sharing buttons.

Social Media Icons: Converting Readers into Customers

Social Media IconsSocial Media Icons allow users to connect directly with your various social media profiles. Clicking the Facebook button to the left is going to take you directly to this client’s Facebook profile page. Often we will insert social media icons into the header and footer sections of your website, so that users may access your profiles from any page of your website. Why? Because engaging a user to “follow” one of your social media profiles is putting them one step closer to converting into a paying customer! Following your Facebook page will allow them to receive any updates you share on Facebook without visiting your website. They will receive your updates in their customized newsfeed, greatly increasing the likelihood for engagement with your content.

Social Sharing Buttons: Your Digital Grassroots Campaign

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 7.34.18 AMSocial sharing buttons provide a separate functionality than social media icons. Think of them as your means to a digital grassroots marketing campaign. These buttons, most likely embedded within your blog posts, or on significant landing pages, allow users to share your content utilizing their social media profiles. Clicking the Facebook button here is going to allow a user to post the blog or page that they are currently reading to their Facebook page and share it directly with their followers. This is great because it extends the reach of your content beyond your existing audience. Let’s say for example, Sally Customer shares your most recent blog post on her Facebook page. One of her followers sees the post and clicks through to your website to learn more about your business. Maybe they read an article or two that engages them, joins your newsletter group, or follows one of your profiles. Now you have a totally new follower that is one step closer to converting into a paying client for you.

In Short:

Social Media Icons connect users with your social media profiles. Social Sharing Buttons allow users to share your content on their social media profiles.


If you have any more questions, or want to talk to Mtn. Dog Media about options for embedding social media icons and social sharing buttons onto your website, click below to contact us today!

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