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Louisa B Designs Jewelry Websites Launches!

Louisa B Designs Website by Mtn. Dog Media

We couldn't be more excited to see the new Louisa B Designs website up and running! Louisa Berky came to Mtn. Dog Media by recommendation of her sister, Maddie, for whom we helped develop Elevation Rowing and MadWellness. We were thrilled to get the opportunity to work with another one of these fabulous ladies! (Little did we know, we would soon also be helping Mama Berky format an eBook!)

Louisa B makes exquisitely crafted silver and beaded jewelry. Her work features Garden, Leaf, and Ocean collections, as well as the recently added Lace print jewelry perfect for brides and mothers.  Her pieces are detailed, light, delicate and we wanted to build a website that would perfectly showcase them.

The final design is very light and airy, featuring plenty of white space, faded images, subtle hover over design elements, and—of course—stunning high resolution photos of Louisa's amazing work. This website was built on a WordPress platform, and custom designed by Mtn. Dog Media using WooThemes Canvas and Pootle Press Canvas Extensions.

Some things we're particularly proud of?

Custom Hover Styles on Buttons & Images

Custom Hover Style on Buttons and Images executed by Mtn. Dog Media

Adding custom hover effects to specific buttons and images throughout the site was a new trick for Mtn. Dog Media! Our web project specialist, Amy J Dunnewald, utilized CSS (Custom Style Sheets) to execute the blurring, crisping, and fading that you see on the various elements throughout the site.

Fully Integrated eCommerce Solution

Fully Integrating eCommerce Solution executed by Mtn. Dog Media

Our preferred eCommerce solution at Mtn. Dog Media is WooCommerce. We have found this to be the most powerful, easy to use, eCommerce solution for WordPress websites. Our developer found some fun new ways to customize the standard WooCommerce templates for this project, including the custom hover effect, implementation of custom fonts, designs, and alignments. Customers should LOVE the shopping experience on the new website all the way down to the on-site PayPal integration!

Visit Louisa B.